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Shield Installation Gui‍‍‍de‍‍‍

1. Start by placing the helmet on a soft surface to avoid scratching during the installation process.

2. It is recommended to place the‍‍‍ helmet upside down to make the visor removal and installation easy.

3. While the helmet is upside down, pull the visor up as indicated in the picture.‍‍‍

Step 1

4. Upon looking at the side of the visor you will notice a hinge‍‍‍ (red arrow) where the side of the visors are locked into. Start by pulling the visor away from the hinge.

5. The side of the visor will unlock and you will hear a pop once it is dislodged.

6. Repeat this step on the other side of the visor.

7. Once you have removed the visor you will notice the 2 hinges on each side (red arrows) of the helmet. Make sure they are facing up before installing the new visor. If you notice they have gone down into the helmet, you can grab a screw driver or something hard to put back into position.

8. NOTE: Before installing the new visor make sure the visor nose cut out is facing up while the helmet is upside down.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Step ‍‍‍4

9. Grab the new visor and insert into the hinge. Once you here it lock you can tug on it to verify it has locked.

10. Repeat this process on the other side of the visor‍‍‍

11. Once you have inserted both ends of the visor into the hinge, the visor should open and close smoothly‍‍‍

Step 2

S‍‍‍tep 3

Step 5‍‍‍