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The GX23 Helmet features a broad field of view and strategically positioned ventilation channels to force cool air in and hot air out. Also features a lightweight high impact resistant thermoplastic shell and a innovativ‍‍‍e quick release system (QRS) for easy removal. Comes in 3 colors.


Off Road environments can be extremely hot and fatiguing, which is why we designed the GX23 with 14 Venting Ports for superior air flow ventilation performance. Developed in our in‍‍‍-house wind tunnel to achieve optimal vent port shapes, sizes and locations, the GX23’s ventilation performance has been optimized to excel in what ever condition you need it most.


The GX23 incorporates the advantages of a spoiler into its shell, and consistent shell‍‍‍ thickness guarantees the proper strength and weight of each and every helmet.


The GX23 is equipped with a fully removable, machine washable, adjustable, and replaceable liners/cheek-pads for easy cleaning. Our interior liners a‍‍‍lso are capable of dissipating sweat 2x faster than traditional nylon interiors. Our quick release strap makes it easy without all the fuse while providing a secure fit.

MSRP: $91.95‍‍‍


Safety is very important to us, which is precisely why the GX23 is (DOT) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 218 Certified. All bac‍‍‍ked by our 1-Year Limited Time Warranty

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‍‍‍MSRP: $91.‍‍‍95