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Visor Installation Gui‍‍‍de

1. Start by placing the helmet in a stationary place to avoid the helmet from moving during ‍‍‍the installation process.

Step 1

2. Locate visor the 3 visor screws.

3. Start by unscrewing the 3 screws located on the visor.

4. Each screw should come with a washer as seen on picture (3) to avoid damaging the visor when tightening visor screws.

5. Align new shield with screw holes and screw in visor

6. Before tightening screws be sure to position visor to your liking.

7. Tighten all the screws and helmet is ready to go.

Step 4

8. Once all 3 screws have been screwed in, your helmet is ready to go!




Ste‍‍‍p 3


Ste‍‍‍p 2