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‍‍‍Off Road dES‍‍‍IGN FOR KIDS

Our motocross kids helmets, the GX623, is made with an ultra-lighter polycar‍‍‍bonate shell weighing in at 2.65lbs. We also added 14 Venting ports for Superior Air-flow and Sweat Absorbing Liner to helps prevent dripping sweat and burning eyes. Come in 3 colors:

MSRP: $89.95

Off Road dESIGN

The GX23 Helmet features a broad field of view and strategically positioned ventilation channels to force cool air in and hot air out. Also features a lightweight high impact resistant thermoplastic she‍‍‍ll and a innovative quick release system (QRS) for easy removal. Comes in 3 colors.

MSRP:‍‍‍ $91.95

RF-1200 Design Concept

Road dESIGN‍‍‍

Our most popular full-face motorcycle helmets, the GX11, with an aerodynamic shape and clean lines. It provides a quiet ride with our three-stage "Air-Flow" stealth ventilation system which minimizes buffeting and our channeled vents with flow-through technology that make safe riding comfortable year round.‍ Try the GX11 today at your local motorcycle store. Comes in 2 different color options.

RF-1200 Design Concept


The Sniper M14 Series Helmet is the newest member to the GLX half helmet family. Based‍‍‍ on customer feedback we wanted to build a completely new helmet mold and with the help of aerospace engineers, we were able to add in a high impact absorbing EPS foam layer. No matter what the road throws at you, the M14 has you covered. Comes in 2 different color options.

MSRP‍‍‍: $69.95‍‍‍

Open Road dESIGN‍‍‍

The Sniper AR152 was designed with a state of the art drop-down shield in a bobber style open face helmet. The best feature of the AR152 is the low profile copter style look and of course the built in shield. Sizing is an important part so we built all new helmet molds with high impact absorbing EPS foam layer. It’s your turn to experience the excitement of riding with our AR152 Series Helmet. Comes in 2 different color options.

MSRP: $‍‍‍94.95


The 2nd Generation GX01 Series Helmet will be the newest member to the GLX open face helmet family. This lightweight helmet come with our standard dual visors for easy switching between our clear and sun shade ‍‍‍visor. We also added a fully removable and washable liner to keep your helmet fresh and clean. Will be available in Matte and Glossy Black.

Starting a‍‍‍t $73.95
















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MSRP: $95.95‍‍‍‍‍‍

RF-1200 Design Concept

Street d‍‍‍ESGIN

The latest generation in premium and affordable full-face motorcycle helmets, the GX15, is the pinnacle of helmet performance and technology. Made with ultra-light poly‍‍‍carbonate shell weighing in at 3.5 lbs, with an aerodynamic shape that provides a quiet ride to rules every aspect of the road, and then some. It’s your turn to experience the excitement of riding with our GX15 Series Helmet. Comes in 6 different color options.

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MSRP: ‍‍‍$99.95