GLX Helmets was established in Southern California in 2002. We import and distribute motorcycle helmets and accessories in the United States of America. Our overseas manufacturing plant has been producing helmets internationally since 1994. Since the inception of GLX, our company mission is to manufacture safe, affordable, and high-quality products that are marketable in any economic climate. ‍‍‍

Our company has and continues to invest in Research & Development design teams both in the United States of America and internationally to incorporate many of our American customers' ideas and suggestions. The result has been the ongoing evolution of creating safe, high-quality, and innovative products.

We emphasize safety first as the #1 priority in the manufacturing and designing of motorcycle helmets and accessories. For example, all our helmets go through a rigorous double safety testing procedure. First, helmets are randomly tested at the manufacturing site. Second, at the distribution site of GLX, helmets are randomly chosen to undergo additional safety testing at independent laboratory sites in the United States of America. The manufacturing philosophy of safety first reinforces GLX’s reputation for retail customers, distributors, and dealers in the power sports industry of marketing safe, affordable, quality products.